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Want to shoot?

Read below.

This is a business not a hobby.

Who I work with:

-Professional brands/businesses looking for creative marketing material.

-Music Bands that are looking for album artwork, photos for promotional purposes and music video production.

For these shoots, view my portfolio



My work in this area is complicated…

Some of the creative work is meant for my publishing agent who translates my work into merchandise (posters, canvas, shirts etc…).

Who is featured?

Models I feel have a marketable look for MY buyers. This does not mean you’re not good looking enough to work with me. I need a concept and you need to fit that concept.


All my shoots must have a purpose, I do not shoot pretty girls for fun.

My shoots cost me money so when you reach out, what is the purpose?

I do take bookings from individuals, but… It is case by case. I like to work with positive people that enjoy creating that are NOT difficult to work with.

Currently I do not take on many of these types of shoots.


How many followers you have, or your social status does not benefit me.

My rates are $500/hr. $1000 minimum. This does not include a stylist or potential location rental.


DM’s: I only answer legit business inquiries, but professionals know to email me.

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