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For Daveed Benito, it's about capturing, but more importantly creating  these moments in time with a vibrant display of color, inspiration of art, and a hint of imagination.

Born in Santa Fe, raised in Albuquerque New Mexico - Daveed is someone who you wouldn't have been able to tell is a photographer upon first meeting, but as you begin to talk with him you realize that you are speaking to an artist of a special expertise.

His story isn't that of a "career inspired from youth" type of tale, but one of taking control of his destiny by finding a way out of Albuquerque.

After graduating from high school, Daveed enlisted in the United States Air Force in which he had a first hand experience in the different cultures of the world. In those 5 years, he credits those same experiences for inspiring him as a photographer to create without limitations, thus opening up his workspace to endless possibilities. Reputation is something that he prides himself on; in addition to that Daveed builds his clientele with high regards of gaining the trust and comfort for whoever he is working with which in turns encourages the creative direction of his photo  shoots. 

Daveed Benito's work can be found in your favorite establishments from malls, art galleries and night clubs, his main goal is for his pictures to be regarded as artwork from the capture down to the unique way he wraps his photos in canvas. The ultimate blessing of any career is to do what you truly love on a daily basis and as long as Daveed Benito has a camera, creative space, and time this just might be the closest thing to heaven for him.

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